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Ninja Thirsti Now in Stock and Shipping!

The Ninja Thirsti is now in stock and shipping; get yours today!

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Ninja Thirsti Drink System

Customize still and carbonated beverages at home with the Ninja Thirsti.


The Ninja Thirsti, the company’s new product which is expected to disrupt the at-home beverage making market, is now in stock and shipping! 

The device promises customizable beverages at home where you can dial in your desired level of fizziness and flavor.  

The product is launching with 20+ flavours. The machine allows you to adjust the intensity of the flavor and also allows you to mix and match two different flavours at once!

The Thirsti also lets you choose from three levels of carbonation/fizz levels. You can even opt for non-carbonated “still” drinks.

Not only can you customize flavor and fizziness, you also have a variety of drink sizes you can create (6 oz, 12 oz, 18 oz, and 24 oz.).

Crafting your own carbonated beverages at home offers a lot of advantages. By taking the reins of your soda-making process, you gain the flexibility to tailor your drinks to your exact tastes. Whether you prefer bold, fruity flavors or more subtle, herbal undertones, you have the creative freedom to experiment and fine-tune your recipes. Additionally, producing your own sodas at home contributes to a reduction in plastic waste generated by store-bought options, promoting a more environmentally responsible lifestyle. 

I can’t wait to get my hands on a Ninja Thirsti so that I can do a proper review and compare it to alternatives like SodaStream.

Ninja Thirsti Drink System

Customize still and carbonated beverages at home with the Ninja Thirsti.


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