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As a food blogger specializing in kitchen equipment reviews, I am in contact with different brands offering new and innovative products for the home kitchen. I especially enjoy working with brands that offer  exceptionally high-quality products that are both durable and useful in the kitchen. I frequently write posts about products that are I find especially innovative and high quality.,

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If you feel you have a product that would be a good match for Sizzle and Sear’s audience, feel free to use the form above to pitch your idea.

Please note that while I will collaborate with different brands, Sizzle and Sear retains editorial independence. The benefit of collaboration is that any problems encountered during the review process can be discussed through a direct channel and often times solved (e.g. user error). All posts will include a proper disclosure about affiliate relationships.

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I am currently looking for fellow recipe developers and food writers who would like to guest blog for Sizzle and Sear. Vice-versa, if your brand has a blog that you think would be a good fit for me as a writer, feel free to pitch me your idea using the form above.

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