Precision Stovetop Cooking

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 The precise temperatures below are useful for owners of precision stovetop induction technology, such as the Breville PolyScience Control Freak (recommended), the Hestan Cue (soon to be tested), and the Tasty One Top (not recommended). There is also the Ztove (untested), available in Europe.

Interested in getting started with precision cooking? Read my Breville PolyScience Control Freak review.

uOther forms of precision cooking include sous vide and combi (steam + convection) oven cooking. Check out my review for the Anova Precision Oven and my recommended accessories for the Anova Precision Oven. For sous vide, the brand new Breville Polyscience HydroPro Plus looks promising; however I have yet to try it.

If you spot an error in the database or would like to contribute a temperature/time, be sure to use the comment form at the bottom of the page. 

Precision Stovetop Cooking Temperatures (Non-Sous Vide)

Beef, Post Sous Vide (Sear)450°FAfter reaching desired temperature via sous vide, sear for 1–2 minutes at 450°F per side
Butter (Browned)266°F
Butter (Clarified)240°F20 minutes
Carrots (Caramelize)300°F
Carrots (Sautéd)266°F
Chicken, Cubed/Small Pieces (Stir Fry)425°F
Chocolate: Dark (Melt)131°F
Chocolate: Dark (Temper)90°F
Chocolate: Milk (Melt)122°F
Chocolate: Milk (Temper)88°F
Chocolate: White (Melt)113°F
Chocolate: White (Temper)86°F
Cranberry Sauce220°F220°F is the temperature that sugar forms a gel that can bond with pectin.
Crème Anglaise175°F to 180°F
Curry Paste (Fry)350°F
Donuts (Deep fried)350°F
Egg (Poached)183°F5 minutes
Eggs (Fried)248°F
Eggs (Pasteurized)131°FPlace whole eggs in a pot of water that has reached 131°F. Maintain this temperature for 2 hours before using.
Eggs (slow scrambled à la Heston Blumenthal)175°
French Fries350°F
Garlic (Browned)248°F
Garlic (Sautéd)266°F
Garlic (Sweated)230°F
Grilled Cheese Sandwich375°F
Ice Cream180°F to 185°FWill curdle beyond 185°F. The higher the temperature below this point, the thicker the ice cream.
Nuts (Toasted)248°F
Onions (Caramelized)275°F
Pancakes332°F2 minutes per side
Potatoes (Deep Fried)338–374°F
Scallops450°F & 350°F Dry scallops with paper towel and season with salt and pepper.

First side: 3 minutes 450°F in cooking oil to develop dark crust.

Second side: reduce temperature to 350°F and cook for 40 seconds until opaque in color.

Add aromatics and butter to pan while second side is cooking; spoon aromatic oil over scallops at end of cooking.
Shrimp (Stir Fry)425°F
Spices (Toasted)284°F
Tea: Black212°F/100°CSteep for:
Mild: 1 minute
Medium: 2 minutes
Strong: 3 minutes
Tea: Green176°F/80°CSteep for:
Mild: 2 minutes
Medium: 3 minutes
Strong: 4 minutes
Tea: Herbal203°F/95°CSteep for:
Mild: 3 minutes
Medium: 4 minutes
Strong: 5 minutes
Tea: Oolong194°F/90°CSteep for:
Mild: 2 minutes
Medium: 3 minutes
Strong: 4 minutes
Tea: White185°F/85°CSteep for:
Mild: 2 minutes
Medium: 3 minutes
Strong: 4 minutes

Cooking Oil Smoke Points

Different quality of oils may perform differently. These smoke points are only given as a general guideline. Do not heat cooking oil unattended

Fat TypeSmoke Point
Butter (Clarified)/Ghee485°F
Canola Oil400°F
Coconut Oil (Refined)449°F
Coconut Oil (Unrefined)350°F
Corn Oil445°F
Duck Fat375°F
Extra Virgin Olive Oil375°F
Grapeseed Oil390°F
Peanut Oil445°F
Rice Bran Oil489°F
Safflower Oil465°F
Vegetable Oil425°F
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19 days ago

What’s a good temp to make a roux?

Jim Hatfield
6 months ago

It would be nice to have temperatures in C not just F.

I bought a Control Freak a while back but it didn’t function properly. The seller was a little reluctant to accept it back but I proved it was faulty and eventually they accepted it and refunded the purchase price.

Do you think the Hestan Cue will ever reach the UK? I see it a lot, mainly in the Sous Vide Everything Youtube channel and it looks quite interesting.

10 months ago

I’m trying to do crispy fried garlic and crispy fried shallots, what temperature is best to accomplish this?

Is it possible to set a temp that will fry and crisp and not burn if I got distracted?

10 months ago

TY, I’ll give that a shot

Sergej Truschin
1 year ago

This is a great overview of temperatures. Are the temperatures specified for the pan or for the probe? Thanks

1 year ago

Caramel. 355F, 10-12 mins

1 year ago

thanks for posting this resource. I have recently acquire a CF and am just getting started. The Facebook group seems like nobody is active in it anymore. Is there anyone who could accept my request to join so I could peruse old posts? Thanks.

Mike Macdonald Calgary
2 years ago

This is an amazing chart thank you for all the hard work. LOVE my Control FreakI bought mine to replace a Cook Tec unit that stoped working after many years. Big differences between the units. The Cook Tec handled bigger pots no problem and I really liked the slanted front but in terms of accuracy and ease of use the Control Freak blew it away.

Mike Macdonald Calgary
2 years ago

Where are you in the city? we are close to downtown north of the river. I can just imagine the programs you have set up in yours any chance of getting a copy? I could bring my USB stick over

Mike Macdonald Calgary
2 years ago

Joys of being young memory fails as you get older I also have a Rational Oven that I use all time and have extensive programs for that

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Macdonald Calgary
Mike Macdonald Calgary
2 years ago

We like our toys

Mike Macdonald Calgary
2 years ago

I tried sending you a couple pictures couldn’t do it

2 years ago

so if i want to make clarified butter, i cook it at the 240 degree temp shown for 20 minutes. do i do anything while it cooks? like skim off the bubbles? And then.. how does one make ghee? doesn’t ghee have to be cooked longer?

2 years ago

I just made it. but when i had the butter at 240, i thought i was going to burn the house down. so i stayed at 220. the butter i used, was this butter i got at a homeless shelter. and this was on purpose. so that i didnt ruin expensive butter while i am learning. so the homeless shelter butter cows probably never ever saw grass, which means there was a lot of water in this butter. so thats why the butter boiled wildy. it took me an hour an a half to get all the water out! but… Read more »

Jeffrey B.
3 years ago

Great resource here! I just picked up my CF recently, and have been really having fun experimenting with nailing down the numbers on a lot of dishes I’ve always done by the seat of my pants on my gas cooktop. Love the idea of repeatability and the safety factor to keep me from ruining dishes should distractions arise. What I haven’t been able to figure out is where to get software updates for the thing… I can’t actually register it on the Breville website, either- it doesn’t appear in the list of appliances when I try to do that- thinking… Read more »

3 years ago

Does anyone know where I can download presets?

3 years ago

I tried to copy and paste this into one of my files by cohldn’t. I have typed tte whole thing out including the extensions. If anyone wants it, they can PM me through the eGullet site.

3 years ago

I was away when I saw this and only looked at it quickly as i meant to have a better look at it once i got home. I cannot access this now as it gives me an
error message – does anyone else have the same problem? IIRC, it dealt only with sous vide cooking times, is that correct?

3 years ago

Paul, that is quite the find. Thank you! I have been wishing for something like this.

Paul (@bunkadefresh)
3 years ago

Hi everyone,

Great page, have you seen this?

3 years ago

Please add Ztove to the list.

Laura Conover
4 years ago

One other resource I wanted to share over here is this – a download from the Polyscience website with some suggested temperatures that presumably they’ve tried:

Laura Conover
4 years ago

Thank you so much for this resource. I’ve been saving up for a Control Freak for a while, and I finally own the darn thing. It was worth waiting for, too! A lot of the things I regularly do wrong as a clumsy home cook this is already fixing for me – I have never before been able to do eggs so consistently well as I can now. I’m super-psyched about using it to temper chocolate, since that was something I never mastered the temperature control aspect of before. One thing, though, I’m a little bothered by is the awkward… Read more »

4 years ago

hey – does anyone have the temperature for sweating onions without browning them? And in your experience, what was the length of time required to sweat? e.g., 5 min or 30 min etc.?

Nick Rosende
4 years ago

Thank you both for making this list and updating it! It’s making me really want a control freak asap, just trying to see if I can find a good deal first!

4 years ago

Sear time should read 1 to one and a half minutes. Don’t know how that strange fraction happened.

4 years ago

These may or may not be of interest:
Clarified butter @240F for 20 minutes
Caramelized onions @275
Poached eggs @183F for 5 minutes
Grilled cheese sandwiches @375 F
Strip loin steak: SV @133F ( or desired temp) for 1 1/2 hours, set cast iron pan on CF temperature 450F. When hot add oil, sear well dried steak for 1 to 11/2 minutes total

I have used the CF a few times now for SV applications but only for short cooks as there is no water circulation. For longer cooks I use either my Anova or my Polyscience Professional.

Sue Upton
2 years ago
Reply to  ELSIE

Thanks you Elsie. Really helpful. I have just purchased a Control Freak after lusting after one for 3 years.

Sue Upton
2 years ago
Reply to  Sue Upton

I cooked caramelised onions last night and I will be using them for a quiche today. Thanks for the assistance with the temp. I am excited but a bit intimidated.

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