Burlap and Barrel Review - single origin spices featured on Shark Tank.

Burlap & Barrel Review: Bold Flavor—Single Origin Spices

Discover bold flavorful spices with our Burlap & Barrel review! From royal cinnamon to black Urfa chili, each spice promises unforgettable dishes.

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Spices can transform a simple dish into a flavorful and aromatic masterpiece.

However, the quality of spices can differ greatly. Poor quality spices can be stale and tasteless. So it’s important that you choose high-quality, fresh spices to ensure dishes are full of flavor.

Burlap & Barrel promises high-quality and freshness with their lineup of single origin spices.

I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to try out and review several of Burlap & Barrel’s spices, including their royal cinnamonpurple stripe garlicsilk chili flakes, smoked pimentón paprika, black Urfa chili, and black lime. And boy did they not disappoint!

Each spice was bursting with flavor that only comes from the freshest of spices.

In order to fully test out the spices, I made a couple recipes provided by Burlap & Barrel.

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One-Pan Garlic and Caper Spaghetti

In order to test out Burlap & Barrel’s black Urfa chili, I made their One-Pan Garlic and Caper Spaghetti.

Burlap & Barrel’s black Urfa chili flakes have a smoky and earthy flavor with a subtle sweetness and mild heat that lingers on the tongue. These chili flakes pair well with the piquant and briny flavor of capers and the savoriness of garlic. Overall, the dish was comforting thanks to subtle but complex flavor profile of the black Urfa Chili flakes.

Black Lime and Chili Salt Citrus Dressing/Marinade

In order to test out Burlap & Barrel’s black lime and silk chili flakes, I made their Black Lime and Chili Salt Citrus Dressing/Marinade.

I did not have Burlap & Barrel’s black lime and chili salt, so I improvised with the simple black lime spice and silk chili flakes. In case you are wondering, silk chili is more commonly referred to as Allepo pepper. The Allepo pepper is a symphony of sweet, smoky, and fruity notes that dance on the tongue. It is mildly spicy, but it’s flavor profile is more nunanced than just heat.

I made a simple garden salad for dressing. The dressing was bursting with a delightful fusion of tangy and zesty flavors, with a hint of smoky spiciness from the black lime and chili flakes. The freshly squeezed lime and orange juices added a refreshing citrusy aroma. The cilantro added an extra layer of freshness to the dressing, while the garlic added a needed savoriness.

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Reviewing Other Burlap & Barrel Spices

To test the purple stripe garlic powder and the smoked pimentón paprika, I simply added them to scrambled eggs.

The garlic powder infused the eggs with a savory aroma and taste that increased the richness and depth of the eggs.

While the smoked paprika imparted a smoky and slightly sweet flavor, adding depth and complexity to a simple dish. 

To test the royal cinnamon, I simply made cinnamon toast. The royal cinnamon was packed full of flavor and irresistibly sweet, indicative of the freshness of the spice.

I look forward to continuing to use Burlap & Barrel’s spices in the coming weeks, and I will share my delicious creations here!

Burlap & Barrel Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank

Be sure to tune in on April 7th at 8pm Eastern and Pacific time to see Burlap & Barrel pitch their spices to the sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank. They will no doubt impress the sharks with their flavourful and bold spices!

If you are interested in the spices featured on Shark Tank, Burlap & Barrel have created a Shark Tank collection that features the four spices used in their pitch. You can also get a 7-spice version of the collection that includes three more essential spices handpicked by the folks at Burlap & Barrel.

I hope you found this review of Burlap & Barrel spices useful. No matter where you get your spices from, I encourage you to try to find the freshest possible and to experiement with them in your cooking. Spices can transform dishes in many directions, and that’s the exciting thing about cooking at home!

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