About Sizzle and Sear

There are a lot of different sounds in the kitchen. From the steady simmer to the full boil; slamming cupboards and dishes clanging in the sink. But the two most satisfying sounds in the kitchen are the sizzle and the sear. Whether you are sautéing vegetables, caramelizing onions, or putting that final sear on a sous vide steak, there’s something mesmerizing about these two sounds. Perhaps it’s conditioning. After all, those two sounds are a necessary part of the maillard reaction–the browning of proteins and sugars that make our food extra delicious. Maybe we tend to associate those sounds with the deliciousness that comes out of the pan? Or maybe it’s biological? A signal to tell us humans, who don’t tolerate raw animal proteins very well, that our food is safe to eat? Either way, it’s these sounds, among with many other things, that make cooking a joyous experience.


Straining rice in my first apartment. MacGyvering a strainer with a splash guard. I've since acquired a proper strainer.
Straining rice in my first apartment. MacGyvering a strainer with a splash guard. I've since acquired a proper strainer.

I’m Tyler, an avid home cook. I like to think of myself as self-taught, but I of course have been influenced by others. Growing up in a single-father household, I learned the basics from my father; pork chops, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and the occasional roast chicken. From my grandmother I learned how to make soups and bake cookies and muffins. When I entered middle school, I took my first foods class, was hooked, and continued taking foods in high school. A foreign foods class, where we made everything from pierogis to dal to baklava was one of my most memorable classes in high school.

Full circle now, I’ve just started on a career as a teacher. I occasionally teach foods, but I also try to incorporate my passion into my social studies  lessons. For example, in one recent project I had students explore how European and Indigenous contact influenced each other’s cuisines, and then they were tasked with creating a new-world-old-world fusion dish.

What I hope to Accomplish

I’m hoping to create a space where I can share my passion for food with a wider audience, and continue my learning through dialogue with my readers. I’m always looking to improve what I do in the kitchen, so I know there will always be learning opportunities.

As a full time teacher, I’m not really sure how often I will have to update this blog. I started it over the summer, but I know I will have less time once September rolls around. Regardless, it’s still my goal to have a new post every few weeks. I hope you will be patient and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube for updates.


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