Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL.

Ninja Woodfire ProConnect XL: Larger and Smarter!

A larger capacity than its predecessors and it connects to your smartphone! Get the details on the Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL.

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Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL Now Available at NinjaKitchen!

Get the new Ninja WoodFire grill with a larger capacity and connect it to your cell phone for even more control!


Ninja has just released the Ninja Woodfire ProConnect XL.

When I first learned about the Woodfire ProConnect XL, I was intrigued. I love my Ninja Woodfire Grill and Smoker (be sure to read my in-depth review here), but I have been a little annoyed about its limited size for bigger cookouts.

I’ve pondered getting a second Woodfire Grill, but now that the Ninja Woodfire ProConnect XL has been released, I upgraded instead. The Woodfire ProConnect XL has 30% more capacity than the original Ninja Woodfire Grill and Smoker! This is awesome for a large rack of ribs, or making both a main and side dish at once without overcrowding my grill!

Not only does it have a bigger capacity, you can also connect your smartphone to it. This is similar to a feature that Traeger includes on some of their grills; they call it WiFIRE technology

Ninja Woodfire vs. Woodfire Pro Connect XL.
Side by side comparison of the Ninja Woodfire and the Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL.

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Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL Review

The Ninja Woodfire ProConnect XL comes with 180-sq-in of cooking area, compared to the 141-sq-in offered by the original Woodfire. The increased cooking area can accommodate up to 2 full racks of ribs, 10 burgers, 4 lbs of wings, 2 7-lbs chickens, or a 10-lb brisket according to Ninja. 

The increase is in cooking area is thanks to the ~3″ increase in the grill gate’s length. The depth of the of grill grate has also slightly increased.

The increased cooking area easily facilitated a whole spatchcocked chicken plus a vegetable side, allowing me to cook for a larger crowd than I could on the original Ninja Woodfire.

The ProConnect XL also comes with two temperature probes, compared to the single temperature probe offered in the Ninja Woodfire Pro, allowing you to monitor the temperature of two different types of foods at once.

The Ninja Woodfire ProConnect XL app allows you to pair your grill to your phone; now you can monitor and control cook time and temp of two different proteins, receive real-time notifications, and even access cooking charts!

Ninja ProConnect App
The Ninja ProConnect app connects your Woodfire grill to your smart phone allowing you to monitor your temperatures and more.

If you’re looking for other options, I recommend taking a peak at the Ninja Woodfire Pro or the Ninja Woodfire Oven. The Pro is great for traditional grilling applications and even comes equipped with an airfryer feature. The oven is great for things that require a little extra headroom (think a large turkey) and you can even cook pizza in it (it gets all the way up to a scorching 700°F). If you want to learn more, be sure to check out our in-depth comparison article on the entire lineup of Ninja Woodfire products.

I hope you enjoyed this overview of the Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL. I just got my hands on a unit and I will provide a proper review soon!

The Entire Ninja Woodfire Family

Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL

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Ninja Woodfire Pro

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