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Kitchen Hack: Place Parchment Paper Between Your Pan and Induction Stovetop

Cook greasy foods without the mess! Use this kitchen hack with parchment paper on your induction cooktop to simplify cleanup.

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Cooking greasy foods can be a delicious and indulgent experience, but it often comes with a downside: the dreaded splatters and spills that can turn your kitchen into a greasy mess.

If you own an induction cooktop, all you need is some parchment paper for this kitchen hack which will prevent oil splatters from dirtying up your stovetop.

One of the common challenges of cooking greasy foods, like bacon, is the inevitable splattering of hot oil. When heated, fats and oils can become volatile, popping and sizzling as they release steam and bits of food. On an a stovetop, these splatters can end up on the surrounding surface, making cleanup a tedious task.

By strategically placing a single layer of parchment paper between an induction stovetop and pan, you create a protective barrier that prevents the grease from directly contacting the stovetop surface.

Rest assured, the parchment paper you place between the induction stovetop and the pan shouldn’t catch fire. The beauty of induction cooking lies in its unique heating mechanism. Rather than relying on an open flame or a hot heat source, induction stovetops generate heat by stimulating the metal in your cookware. Consequently, you can have peace of mind knowing that your parchment paper shouldn’t burst into flames.

Enjoy your bacon, mess-free!

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