Ninja Foodi Flexbasket Airfryer.

Ninja Foodi FlexBasket Air Fryer: Large Family Meals and Simultaneous Cooking

Discover the Ninja Foodi FlexBasket Air Fryer - A versatile cooking solution with a 7-qt MegaZone or dual 3.5 qt baskets for simultaneous dishes.

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Ninja just announced a new product: the Ninja Foodi FlexBasket Air Fryer with 7-qt MegaZone.

This air fryer seems to be a promising addition to the market of air fryers. What sets this air fryer apart from others is its MegaZone feature, which allows for more versatile cooking options.

The 7-qt MegaZone is designed to cater to families or those who often entertain guests. It offers ample capacity to prepare larger proteins or entire meals, making it convenient for serving multiple people at once. What’s particularly impressive is the ability to utilize the basket divider, which allows you to divide the 7 quart main basket into two 3.5 qt baskets. You can then proceed to cook two different foods, with two different cooking temperatures and times; talk about versatility!

The Smart Finish function looks very useful. The function promises that no matter what you are cooking in the two baskets, they will finish at the same time. Moreover, the Match Cook function synchronizes settings across both zones, making full use of the 7-qt capacity and enabling you to cook larger quantities of food effortlessly.

The Ninja Foodi FlexBasket Air Fryer offers six cooking functions: air fry, air broil, roast, bake, reheat, and dehydrate. This diverse range of options allows users to cook a wide variety of dishes to suit their culinary preferences and needs. Notably, the air frying function boasts the ability to produce hand-cut french fries with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods, making it an appealing choice for health-conscious individuals.

The broil function is used to expose the top side of food to a high temperature of 450°F. This ensures a crispy finish on your favorite dishes.

Ninja promises faster and more even cooking compared to a traditional oven. The incorporation of two heating fans working in tandem ensures that the entire meal is cooked 40% faster, saving both time and energy.

The nonstick crisper plates and basket are dishwasher safe, which will make for easy cleanup after enjoying your meal.

Overall, the Ninja Foodi FlexBasket Air Fryer with 7-qt MegaZone appears to be a compelling option for those seeking a larger air fryer with versatile cooking capabilities. If you are interested in other Ninja Air Fryers, be sure to read our comparison of other air fryers in the Ninja lineup.

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