simplehuman Bag Alternatives

simplehuman trash bag alternatives.
simplehuman trash bag alternatives.
simplehuman trash cans are both stylish and functional; however, you will pay a premium for their trash bags. Luckily, there are alternatives.

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I love simplehuman trash cans. Whether it’s their sleek stainless steel look or their soft close lid, simplehuman trashcans never compromises on style or function.

For the past seven years, I have owned the 46 liter Rectangular Dual Compartment trash/recycling can to keep my recycling and garbage separate. As my needs as a food blogger have grown, I’ve upgraded to the massive 55 liter single compartment trash can for all my trash needs, and have dedicated the a compartment from the other bin for general recycling, while the other compartment is for refundable beverage containers that I take back to the depot a few times a year. Although the cans are pricey, I believe it’s worth it as they aesthetically blend into any kitchen and are very functional with hidden compartments for extra bags and a soft close lid that cuts down on added noise in an already busy kitchen.

One complaint I do have is the cost of simplehuman garbage bags. While they are functionally excellent (the band fits securely snug on the rim of the bin, the draw strings make it easy to lift and close the bag, and extra liners can be stored inside the garbage bin itself for easy replacement when emptying the garbage), they do cost a pretty penny. Luckily there are alternatives available. My go to alternative supplier of simplehuman bags is Plasticplace.

simplehuman Liner Alternatives and Bag Sizes

Below is a helpful table to find the appropriate simplehuman liner size for your trash bin. Each simplehuman liner size in the table has a link to a corresponding alternative Plasticplace bag that may save you some money.

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Plasticplace vs. simplehuman

While the alternatives listed in the table above will fit your simplehuman trash can bin just fine, they will not fit in the built-in dispenser of your simplehuman trash can. You will need to store extra bags in a cupboard or on a shelf if you go the alternative route. This minor inconvenience may be worth it when you consider the cost savings of the alternative options. 

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