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Protecting my nonstick pan by scrambling eggs with the Cuisipro 10-Inch Silicone Egg Whisk

Best Whisk for Nonstick Cookware

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Looking for the best whisk for nonstick and enameled cookware? Buy the best nonstick whisk on Amazon: The Cuisipro 10-inch Silicone Egg Whisk

Several years ago, I purchased a Le Creuset 7¼ Quart Round Dutch Oven. Well technically a French oven, since it’s enameled, but that’s besides the point. I love this piece of kitchen equipment because it’s large enough to do big batches of soups and stews, and it can hold in the heat for long braises and slow cooking. However, it’s an expensive piece of kitchen equipment, and I wanted to protect it. I came across many recipes that asked me to whisk inside the enameled pot, and this concerned me; I was afraid that I was going to chip away and scratch the enamel! This is similar to my concerns of using a whisk in a nonstick pan, so I went out looking for the best whisk for nonstick pans. 

To my delight, I found a great solution: The Cuisipro 10-inch Silicone Egg Whisk. Here is my review:

This balloon style whisk is lightweight and feels natural in the hand. The wires are firm enough to easily whisk up custards, scrambled eggs, gravy, and meringues. The reason for the firmness is that it’s a regular stainless steel whisk with a silicone coating applied to protect nonstick surfaces. The wires are heat resistant up to 750F, so you will never have to worry about accidentally leaving it in the pot. It comes with a beautiful stainless steel handle, and the wires are available in three colors: frosted and red.  The whisk is also dishwasher safe.

I’ve now owned this whisk for a few years, and it still works like new. I highly recommend it for your enameled and nonstick  pans, pots, and other cookware.

Buy the winner on Amazon: The Cuisipro 10-inch Silicone Egg Whisk

Cuisipro 10-inch Silicone Egg Whisk Rating:

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Sally's Kitchen
Sally's Kitchen
3 months ago

Thank you for the recommendation! I got my whisk today and it works great in my non-stick cookware! Also keeps my stainless steel pans from scratching.

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