best salt shaker and best salt container

Review: Best Salt Shaker and Salt Container

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A little dash of salt can transform bland tasting food into something truly delicious! Seasoning food properly is an overlooked skill that every home cook should perfect in order to elevate their dishes to the next level. In order to make seasoning easy and convenient, it’s important that you have quick access to your salt while you are cooking. Whether that’s kosher salt, table salt, or a flaky finishing salt. Below is a review of what I consider to be the best salt shaker and best salt container on the market.

A simple shaker is good for when you want to add a little bit of salt to finish off a dish to your taste. But what happens when you need a couple teaspoons of salt? That requires a lot of shaking and isn’t very precise for things like baking.

That’s why I recommend the Oxo Good Grips Salt Shaker with Pour Spout, which I consider to be the best salt shaker on the market for home cooks. Not only does it act as a traditional shaker, it also contains a spout where you can pour your salt out onto a teaspoon. Perfect for both seasoning to taste and for being precise. It has stylish stainless steel accents and its BPA-free body is see-through clear, which makes it easy to tell when you need to refill.

Best Salt Shaker: Oxo Good Grips Salt Shaker with Pour Spout
2,829 Amazon User Reviews
Best Salt Shaker: Oxo Good Grips Salt Shaker with Pour Spout
  • Shaker has a hole pattern that is ideal dispensing of salt
  • Side spout allows for easy pouring
  • Stainless steel accents provide kitchen-to-table appeal
  • Clear body shows fill level and lid twists off for easy refilling
  • Bpa free, hand wash only
best salt shaker
The Oxo Good Grips Salt Shaker comes with a spout on the side, perfect for precise measurements.

I also have the ZeroJapan Bee House Salt Box, which is the best salt container for holding flaky salts, like Maldon Sea Salt. Maldon Sea Salt is a flaky salt that contains pyramidal-shaped crystals with large surface area, which adds a unique and delightful brittle crunchy texture to your dishes. It’s best to be grabbed by hand and then pinched with your fingers to finish your food. The Zero Japan Bee House Salt Box holds 2 cups of salt; is stylish, and has a wood textured lid that keeps moisture and splattering foods out, preventing your salt from clumping up into an unusable mess. It comes in a variety of colours to choose from. The salt container is easy to refill. It’s perfect to keep by your stovetop and it is an excellent alternative to a salt pig.

Best Salt Container: ZeroJapan (Bee House) Salt Box
88 Amazon User Reviews
Best Salt Container: ZeroJapan (Bee House) Salt Box
Why does Sizzle and Sear recommend this salt box?
  • Keeps moisture out but is still easy to access while cooking
  • Super stylish and comes in a variety of colors
  • best salt container
    ZEROJAPAN Salt Box (Blue Berry)
    ZeroJapan (Bee House) Salt Box
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    OXO Good Grips Salt Shaker with Pour Spout
    Oxo Good Grips Salt Shaker with Pour Spout
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