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caramelized peaches with vanilla ice cream PJR8UZ8
Caramelized peaches with vanilla ice cream.

Caramelization is the browning of sugar to affect its flavour and appearance. Caramelization isn’t limited to granulated sugar. You can caramelize foods that have naturally high concentrations of carbohydrates (sugar), such as carrots and onions.

Below is a table of different carbohydrates and their initial caramelization temperature. Foods typically contain different types of carbohydrates and other components that can affect caramelization temperatures.

Sugar TypeInitial Caramelization Temperature
Fructose230 °F (110 °C)
Galactose320 °F (160 °C)
Glucose320 °F (160 °C)
Sucrose320 °F (160 °C)
Maltose356 °F (180 °C)

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