New Kitchen Tool: Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum chamber sealer with an aesthetic to fit in a modern home kitchen.

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Today, Anova, manufacturer of a best-selling immersion circulator, announced a new product; a chamber vacuum sealer.

A chamber vacuum sealer works differently than edge/suction sealers that are commonly marketed towards home consumers. Instead of sucking the air out of a bag, the bag is placed in a chamber and the entire chamber is evacuated of oxygen. Once the chamber is evacuated, the bag is sealed and air is let back into the chamber. This results in a much better vacuum and makes vacuum sealing liquids easy.

Most vacuum chambers on the market today look industrial, while the Anova has a sleek look that would look good in a home kitchen. I previously reviewed the VacMaster VP215 vacuum chamber which is a work horse but has this industrial look.

In addition to sealing, the Anova Chamber Vacuum Sealer has infusion/extraction, compress/pickle, and dry/cool programs. This would enable you to create infused alcohols and other liquids, instant pickles, and to boil water water off products like bread in order to create a crispier crust.

The Anova Chamber Vacuum Sealer chamber size is 12 x 10.8 x 3 inches. It comes with a two year warranty and a 100 day money-back guarantee.

I hope to get my hands on the Anova Chamber Vacuum Sealer soon so that I can write a review on it. I am happy with the performance of my Anova Precision Oven, so I am hopeful that the Anova Chamber Vacuum Sealer is everything it promises to be.

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