Can you use a cooling rack in the oven?
can I use a cooling rack in an oven?

Can you use a cooling rack in the oven?

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Can I use a cooling rack in an oven? 

You most certainly can use a cooling rack in an oven; they are much more versatile than you might think!One of my favorite kitchen hacks is using a cooling rack inserted in a baking sheet as a cooking surface. The reason why I love doing this is because it allows air to circulate all around whatever you are cooking, while the sheet pan catches any dripping messes. Compare this to just placing a chicken, roast, or vegetables right on the surface of a flat pan or a roasting pan where the bottom of the food makes direct contact with a flat surface. That part of the food gets no air circulation and usually turns out soggy.

The best cooling rack for baking and cooking in the oven

I recommend the Hamilton Housewares 12-inch x 17-inch cooling rack paired with a Nordic Ware aluminum half sheet pan. The half sheet pan is super sturdy and commercial quality, while the cooling rack fits perfectly inside the pan.

Other uses for a cooling rack in an oven

Beyond roasting proteins and vegetables, you can also use a cooling rack in an oven to dehydrate foods. Just set your oven temperature to a temperature between 150°F and 200°F. Place the food you want to dehydrate on a cooling rack set inside a sheet pan and let the food dehydrate for several hours.A cooling rack and sheet pan inside a low temperature oven is also perfect for keeping breaded foods warm and crispy.

So yes, you can use a cooling rack in the oven, and I highly encourage you to do so! Just make sure your cooling rack is made out of food-safe material (stainless steel will do) and that it doesn’t have any non-stick coating on it if you want to use it at higher temperatures. 

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